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This Perthshire Highlands Scotland travel guide contains a wealth of information, so spend a little time using the site, exploring this beautiful part Scotland. Experience the breathtaking lochs and mountains, and the tranquility of the glens.

'Ceud mile fàilte'
(this is Scots Gaelic for 'A hundred thousand welcomes')

Don't miss those little gems of local knowledge.

Do you want a taste of what awaits you? . . . . Then you must watch the video above about Perthshire Big Tree Country.

Perth River

As a long standing resident of Scotland, I have developed a deep love and appreciation for the natural wonders of the beauty of the Perthshire Highlands Scotland. The website is my way of sharing vacation opportunities with you as you travel to the many historic Towns and villages. You can find where to stay, places to eat and visit, the costs, and book it all in one easy step. Look at the Information page for all you need to know when touring in Perthshire Highlands Scotland.

A "dream" vacation is possible with some sound research and planning before you set out. I have include a Search facility should you want to quickly find somewhere in Perthshire. You will be so much closer to experiencing the kind of vacation you have always wanted. This virtual experience will have built up your expectations so much that you cannot wait to visit this beautiful part of Scotland. One visit is all it takes...

How will this benefit you?

Just think of me as your friend and personal travel guide. You will have the benefit of my local knowledge and discover things not usually found on most vacation itineraries. I have produced Self Drive Tour Guides which covers each day driving as well as local attractions to visit. This detailed information will assist you in planning the complete vacation without spending hours researching guide books and browsing the internet. If you would like more details use this Contact form.

Want a great vacation, romantic weekend getaway, or exciting day trip, start right here by downloading a tour to see what a typical guide contains. Each tour has been prepared in an easy to follow layout showing the main route, attractions to visit, places to eat and overnight accommodation. To complete the package, there are comprehensive information sheets. I am confident you will find these tour guides invaluable in planning for your vacation to Perthshire, Scotland.

A warm hospitality awaits you with good food, outstanding accommodation to suit all tastes.

As the Scots would say ‘Haste ye back’.

Go to my travel guide to the Perthshire Highlands Scotland and find out how it can help you make your stay a memorable one.

Please return to this site for more information when planning your next vacation, or tell a friend of your experience using this travel guide. We are listed on the Online Travel Guides directory Site Build It

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Information - For visitors to Perthshire Travel Guide
Here's a survival information kit of visitors for Perthshire - Scottish Highlands FAQ's about crime, visas, electricity plus useful contact details... I've put it all here.
Travelguide - Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Welcome to my Perthshire Travelguide. It will help you find your way around this beautiful location even before you've left home....
Best time to visit Perthshire Scottish Highlands
When is the best time to visit Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands? .... Any time!
Travel to Perthshire - Scottish Highlands Scotland
Travel to Perthshire - Lots of Hints and Tips to help guide and prepare your trip to Perthshire Scottish Highlands.....
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Perthshire Travel Guide Site Map
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Perthshire Store
Perthshire Store
Towns in Perthshire - Scottish Highlands Scotland
Check out the list of Towns in Perthshire, those picturesque and beautiful places in the Scottish Highlands.
Places to stay - Accommodation in Perthshire Scottish Highlands
There are many places to stay in Perthshire Scottish High. It could be a romantic castle, a cosy holiday cottage or bed and breakfast. There are many types of accommodation to choose from.
Perthshire - Places to eat in Scottish Highlands
Places to eat gives you a taste of what Perthshire has to offer. Never before has there been so many places to eat out .... You won't regret it.
Perthshire - Places to visit in Scottish Highlands
Explore towns and villages in Perthshire Scottish Highlands. Find places to visit; have days out in the car or walks around the area where you are staying.
The History of Perthshire through the ages
The history of Perthshire embraces some of Scotland's most historic events from over 9 millennium. Many of them are preserved in the fabric of this county in the landscape, place names and culture.
Caravanning - Pertshire Caravan sites in the Scottish Highlands
Explore Perthshire by caravanning, staying in the glens and lochs of the beautiful Scottish Highlands.
Perthshire - Self Drive vacations and tours in Scottish Highlands, Scotland
Perthshire Self Drive vacations and tours will supply you with detailed guides for touring the Scottish Highlands. They will help you get the most out of your visit to this glorious part of Scotland
Perthshire attractions in Scottish Highlands
There are many Perthshire attractions to see ...... museums, castles, gardens, wildlife, stately homes and many others when visiting Perthshire.
Fishing in Perthshire - Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Fishing in Perthshire makes a great vacation fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout as well as pike in lochs and rivers in the Scottish Highlands you've chosen well on.
Perthshire Golf finest in the Scottish Highlands
Perthshire golf offers some of the finest courses to be found in the world. It is home to some of the finest inland courses with 40 to choose from …
Lochs and Glens of Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Perthshire Scottish Highlands is one of the most beautiful and scenic parts of Scotland with many rivers, lochs and glens - high hills forming ......
Perthshire Waterfalls in the Scottish Highlands
There are many Perthshire Waterfalls some are magnificant on a grand scale. Others may be classified as Rapids. All are well worth visiting.
Walking in Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Walking in Perthshire Scottish Highlands are some of the best in Scotland. Take in the spectacular and scenic panoramas as you explore breathtaking countryside....
Perthshire Earldoms - Scottish Highlands
These ancient Perthshire Earldoms split Scoland into areas of Atholl, Breadalbane, Gowrie, Strathearn, Menteith, and Balquhidder. Each has its own story to tell...........
Find your Perthshire family ancestors - Scotland
Why should you expore the internet to find your Perthshire Family Ancestors. You will be able to pass on the knowledge to your children, to show them their roots as part of their heritage.....
Perthshire Travel Guide News page
For all the latest information in and around Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands. Find it all on the monthly N ews page here first!
Perthshire Articles
A variety of Perthshire articles on various topics related in some way to Perthshire Travel Guide. Contibute your own article........
Perthshire Questions
Do you have any Perthshire questions about your own forthcoming trip to the - Big Tree County? Do you need more information? Ask your question and I will try to answer it......
Perthshire, reviews, opinions and stories
Share your Opinions, Reviews and Stories about Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands attractions, hotels, restaurants and more.....
Perthshire weather - Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Perthshire weather is renowned for its unpredictability. So check it out before you come to the Gateway to the Scottish Highlands....
Perth 800 yearly celebrations in Pethshire Scottish Highlands
Perth 800 celebrations in 2010 marks the 800th anniversary of the granting of the Royal Burgh Charter to Perth by King William the Lion. Don't miss the events over the year throughout Perthsh..
Perthshire Photographs Gallery
This Perthshire photographs gallery is just a small peak at all the beauty you will find when you explore this corner of paradise.
Highland Drovers - Perthshire Scottish Highlands, Scotland
The Scottish Highland drovers were the backbone of the Scottish economy from the 16th to the 19th century.
Perthshire Mysteries - Folklore and Legends
Discover Perthshire Mysteries, Folklore and Legends. Seek out the stories of water spirits, fairies, ghosts, prophecies and healing stones.
Perthshire romantic breaks in the Scottish Highlands
Perthshire romantic breaks,for that special break, honeymoon, anniversary or birthday occassion in the Scottish Highlands....
Ryder Cup 2014 - The Gleneagles Hotel Centenary Course, Perthshire, Scotland
The 40th Ryder Cup 2014 venue will be at The Gleneagles Hotel Centenary Course, Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland. Check for latest news for travel, accommodation, tickets, etc....
Discount Vouchers - Perthshire attractions
Check our discount vouchers offer if you are planning to visit attractions in Perthshire, when travelling as a family. It is worth considering the various Visitor Tickets Passes available.
Guest book - Perthshire Travel Guide website
Visit my Guest book on Perthshire Travel Guide. Leave your comments/contribution on your visit to Perthshire Scottish Highlands.
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Visit Rannoch Station
Visit Rannoch Station set in the middle of Rannoch Moor some 30 minutes from Rannoch village beyond the west of Loch Rannoch.....
Glen Lednock Circular Walk, Comrie Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands
The Glen Lednock Circular Walk including the Deil's Cauldron waterfall. Experience the beauty of the area around the village of Comrie,,,,
Port of Menteith accommodation
Port of Menteith accommodation
Bridge of Earn accommodation in Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Bridge of Earn accommodation
Strathyre Restaurants in Perthshire Scotland
For ease of use I've divided Strathyre restaurants up into types. I will be adding to the list as I review the various restaurants, cafes and takeaways in and ...
Visit Strathyre
Planning to visit Strathyre? Find where to stay, places to eat and visit on your special vacation in the Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Doune Accommodation
Doune Accommodation - check out the best in Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Doune restaurants in Perthshire Scotland
Perthshire Restaurants in Scottish Highlands .... Check out our selection of Doune restaurants. Visit Doune. Callander Scotland ...
Visit Callander, Scotland in South West Perthshire
Visit Callander in South West Perthshire. Check out the best Callander places to visit in Perthshire Scottish Highlands ...
Glen Artney in Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Very few people live in Glen Artney today and the area is a peaceful haven for walkers with a choice of routes and relatively few cars. Cultybraggan is at the entrance to the glen, was once an ancient
Glen Almond in Perthshire Scottish Highlands travels & games online
Glen Almond walk starts at the Newton Bridge in the Sma'Glen. A beauty spot famed for the grandeur of its scenery
Glen Lyon in the Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Glen Lyon is one of Scotland's most beautiful glens. At its base the River Lyon has cut a deep gorge known as MacGregor's leap. It gets its name from an outlaw member of the MacGregor clan.......
Glen Dochart in Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Glen Dochart is a wide tranquil glen which runs from Crianlarich in the west, to Killin and Loch Tay in the East. The River Dochart runs along this Glen.....
Glen Isla in Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Glen Isla is one of the more significant and the most westerly of the Angus Glens, a wide valley in Perthshire Scottish Highlands, between Glen Shee and Glen Prosen.....
Glen Rannoch in Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Glen Rannoch
Loch Faskally at Pitlochry Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Loch Faskally lies north west of Pitlochry in Perthshire Scottish Highlands. Fish for good sized pike and perch on the lovely loch.....
Loch Dunmore in Faskally Woods Perthshire
Tranquil Loch Dunmore lies in Faskally Wood in the heart of Perthshire Scottish Hhighlands...
A walk round Loch Freuchie from Amulree
Loch Freuchie is a small loch situated at the east end of Glen Quaich close to Amulrlee in the Perthshire Scottish Highlands.
Gloagburn farm shop near Perth, Perthshire
Welcome to the Gloagburn Farm Shop and Coffee Shop a family run business set in rural Perthshire a few mile west of the 'Fair City' of Perth.
Cromlix House
Spend a romantic week break at Cromlix House, near Dunblane, in Perthshire Scottish Highlands.
Falls of Bruar in Perthshire Scottish Highlands, Attorney Information Summary
The magnificent Falls of Bruar with its series of tumbling watrefalls is located near Blair Atholl in Perthshire Scottish Highlands. Close by is The House of Bruar, the Harrods of Scotland.
Your Perthshire best memories
Share some Perthshire best memories of visits or special occassions visiting Perthshire Scottish Highlands.
Planning road trip for your Perthshire Scotland Self drive tours
Tips on planning road trip for your Self Drive Tours in Perthshire Scottish Highlands.
Weem Mysteries - Perthshire Folklore and Legends
Want to know about Weem Mysteries in the Scottish Highlands. Perthshire is steeped in Folklore and Legends and is famous throughout Scotland
Loch Rannoch in Perthshire Scottish Highlands
The vast Loch Rannoch lies in the west Perthshire Scottish Hhighlands...
Perthshire Green Card
The Perthshire Green Card offers discounted golf on 19 of Perthshire's 18-hole venues and is available at.......
Perthshire Highlands Golf Ticket
Perthshire Highlands Golf Ticket
Perthshire Cup-Marks - The Key to Ancient Art and Science
Cup-Marks, sometimes called petroglyphs or rock art, have puzzled scientist and laymanalike for over a cemtury
The Hermitage woodland walk near Dunkeld, Perthshire Scottish Highlands
The Hermitage woodland walk is a beautiful wooded area, a mile west of Dunkeld, beside the A9, Perth to Inverness trunk road, Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Thomas Caddell a 17th Century pistol maker
A flemish blacksmith called Thomas Caddell famous for his pistols
The Deil's Cauldron and Wee Cauldron, Comrie, Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Come and view the magnificant Deil's Cauldron and Wee Cauldron waterfalls in beautifull surroundings in the village of Comrie in the heart of Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Loch Lubnaig - Trossachs National Park Scotland
Loch Lubnaig known as the 'crooked loch', lies between Callander and Strathyre, is one of the smaller lochs in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.
Loch Leven near Kinross in the heart of Perthshire, Scotland,
A huge expanse of open water, Loch Leven provides an ideal home for countless birds. An ideal location for both casual and expert bird enthusiast, as well as walkers and climbers..
The Example restaurant Perth, Scotland
Example restaurant
Your restaurant listing application form
Do you want to have your restaurant listing on my Perthshire Travel Guise? this is the page where you can upload ALL your restaurant information. I do the rest!
The Gask Ridge Perthshire Roman Frontier Defence System
The Gask Ridge Perthshire is the oldest land frontier defence system anywhere in the Roman Empire. Find out where the forts and watchtowers are, built in the 80' AD.
Historical Menteith - Old Perthshire Highlands of Scotland
Historical Menteith priory on the Isle of Inchmahome, situated on the only Lake in Scotland. Part of Old Perthshire and the Earldom of Menteith. Close to the Trossachs National Park.......
Historical Tummel Bridge - Perthshire Scotland
Historical Tummel Bridge in Perthshire Scottish Highlands. Visit the magnificent Queens View, walks and other outdoor activities in this part of Scotland...
Perthshire Roots - How to find them
Find out how to start your search for your Perthshire roots. Where and how do you begin this exciting quest!
Family Research tool - The Internet
Family research tool
Grandtully Church - St. Mary's is one of the oldest churches in Perthshire
Grandtully church, Perthshire, is called St. Mary's chapel is perhaps one of the oldest church in Perthshire. It has a magnificent painted ceiling well worth a visit....
The Perthshire highland Clearances
The Perthshire Highland Clearances were a memorable part of the devasting history of Scotland. The local landowners were to blame for their brutal behaviour in displacing the people of the land....
Privacy Policy - Perthshire Scottish Highlands travel guide
Privacy Policy Perthshire Travel guide. Perthshire Travel guide recognizes that your privacy is important. This document outlines the types of personal
Visit Aberfeldy, in the heart of the Perthshire Scottish Highlands
Things to do when you visit <b>Aberfeldy</b. From visiting the local attractions, walks and other outdoor activities, there something for every family member (that includes you...) here on my site.

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