Visit Aberfeldy Distillery Dewar's World of Whisky

Take a guided tour of Aberfeldy Distillery in beautiful Perthshire.

Situated by the river Tay, Aberfeldy distillery is the home and major part of Dewars famous White Label blend and one of the largest and well made visitor centres in Scotland.

Since 1898 the stills at the distillery, also known as Dewar's World of Whisky, have produced a delightfully balanced single malt whisky. The 'brew' combines the fresh spring water of the Pitile Burn with the skill of generations of craftsmen to produce an out standing single malt whisky renowned for its heather honey softness and full body.

Today, this distillery continues to provide the malt that lies at the very heart of the award winning Dewar's premium blends. The visitor centre is designed with the main exhibition area set as a number of 'scenes' from Dewar's history and looks forward to the future of the industry. There is an audio-visual theatre, restaurant area and a 'Nosing & Tasting Bar' where visitors can taste their own blend.

There are knowledgeable and friendly guides who will share the art and enchantment of whisky making through small group tours. To assist you during the tour are audio and written guides in ten languages to create the perfect Scotch whisky experience. Travel back in time on a journey of discovery which includes film shows, interactive challenges and period recreations. You will also see how Dewar's is going forward in the 21st century.

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