Aberfoyle Mysteries in Perthshire Scottish Highlands

Aberfoyle mysteries are numerous no more so than the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Rev. Robert Kirk in 1692. A minister at Aberfoyle Parish Church, Kirk had a long-standing interest in fairies and had even published a book, “The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies.” One night an expedition to Doone Hill resulted in Kirk's death. There are various accounts of the tale, some claim he disappeared into the fairy kingdom and was never seen again, another that he was brought back home where he died shortly after. He is then reputed to have visited a relative (some say his cousin others his wife) with a warning that he would appear to them. He would be set free if they a threw a knife at him. Unfortunately, when he did appear, the sight was such a shock to his loved ones that no knife was thrown. He was therefore banished to spend eternity with the faeries.
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