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Please write an Accommodation Review for a place you may have stayed at in a town or village in Perthshire. I've use the term "accommodations" to include hotel, B & B's,Bed and Breakfast, Guest House, Self Catering, Caravan Sites,etc.

What people look for in a review is a concise but detailed description of the common areas like bedrooms, dining areas;the room interiors, furniture and amenities provided; additional services such as internet access or airport shuttles; cleanliness and hygiene in common areas and in each room; host/staff friendliness or professionalism and other details that will clearly help them select which is the best value for money.

Remember, Perthshire is a large county, so you don't need to limit your opinion to accommodation in the city of Perth alone. When your comments have been received they will be posted as a blue link under the form you filled out for the accommodation you rated. New Perthshire town and village sections are being added continuously.

This travel guide strives to provide first-hand information for people who may never have been here before and recommendations from someone who's "been there done that" can be very comforting. So add what details you think are necessary, but in general if you keep your review to 1-5 paragraphs that should be enough to get your ideas across. Don't forget our photo upload option! Nothing says "come hither" or "stay away" better than a picture! Add as many reviews and photos as you like and help us make Perthshire a truly first class source for first-hand accommodation.

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Let me hear about a Perthshire Hotel, B & B, Guest House, Self Catering cottage, etc, that you'd like to share with other visitors? Let them know about it and help them find a great place to stay! Don't forget to include the town/village and post code.

Write a review and tell us exactly what made it so amazing for you. What did you like? What didn't you like? What was the service like? If it's a good quality review that will help others discover how splendid the accommodation is, I'll post it on the site!

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Ardlochay Lodge, Killin Not rated yet
This was a bed and breakfast accommodation set in beautiful location at the head of Loch Tay. The standard of the room and shared accomodation was exceptional …

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