Birks of Aberfeldy & Falls of Moness

To get to the Birks of Aberfeldy and the Falls of Moness, approach Aberfeldy town from the direction of Kenmore. Park in the centre of the town off the A827. Turn right out of the car park to return to the main road and walk left to go back to The Square. Continue heading west until you see the signpost for the 'Birks'. 'Birks' means birch trees.

Leave the main road and pass under the war memorial arch and continue through a small park. Cross the footbridge over the Moness burn. You may be lucky and catch a glimpse of a dipper splashing in the water. You soon reach the next footbridge and start to climb a shady path. At the A826 pass through the wrought iron gate, look left to see one of the lower falls. Be careful crossing the busy main road. You will again see a sign for the 'Birks of Aberfeldy' upper car park and picnic area set in magnificent birch and beech trees. Walk on up the hill keeping to the right of the burn, through more magnificent trees. Gradually the gorge disappears, the burn continues, rushing past down towards Aberfeldy. Continue to climb higher up the path passing beneath birch.

During the early spring months celandine, violets, primrose and wood anemone appear. Later as spring turns eventually to summer you will see yellow pimpernel, devil’s bit scabrous, harebells, cow wheat and bilberry.

Cross over the small bridge, look back and take in the magnificent view of the Perthshire hills. Take a rest on the next seat, as you take in the scenery you may catch the high pitched keening of a buzzard high up above you.

The noise of the river increases, but is still not visible, hidden deep in the gorge. You can catch a glimpse of the white water below by peering over the protective face. The path now descends for a short distance and comes to another bridge crossing over the head of the spectacular falls and yet despite the rage and roar, their magnificence is still hidden.

From the bridge, continue to climb upwards, passing fauna of many species like bitter pea, spotted orchids, wild raspberries, hemp nettle and bitter sweet flourish.

Having reached the top of your climb you now begin the descent down a number of steps to the truly wonderful viewpoint of the Falls of Moness in all their glory, The river now splits into three white-topped falls, crashing down over ledges finally disappearing into pools below, A deafening noise rebounds from the hollow and spray fills the surrounding area covering the vegetation growing on the gorge sides. Birch, Larch and Scots Pine line the sides also. Follow the path as it passes left and right downward until you reach yet another viewpoint of the tumbling water as it cascades downwards. Finally it descends as one long jet into a deep pool, The steep sides of the gorge drip with water here liverworts thrive together with fragile feather, fork and hair mosses.

Return to the path continuing downward along the wooden walk away. Cross yet another bridge where you can almost touch the water, a tributary burn. Moving on you can see yet another spectacular fall, as it rages over rocks and ledges to join the main river Moness, You are now well into the final descent with its dramatic finish.

Look for 'Robert Burns’ seat. It was hear that this famous Scottish poet was inspired to compose his song 'The Birks of Aberfeldy'.

Continue to follow the stepped way passing yet another spectacular waterfall, Finally you reach the bed of the gorge with its tree clad sides. Crossing over the bridge takes you finally back to the car park.

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