Blair Atholl Castle

Today's traveller may get the briefest of glimpses of Blair Atholl Castle, white against the dark green of the distant hillsides.

Blair Atholl Castle

Blair Atholl Castle Tours

It was not always so. Until the early 1980s the main road north went through the village. Its removal across the valley to the west left has made it a much more peaceful place. Today's visitor will find it an extremely attractive stone village built to an obvious plan. In effect it is the estate village for Blair Atholl Castle whose estate wall runs the length of the north eastern side of the main road, and whose main gate is just to the south east of the centre of the village. It gives a sense of the scale of the Blair Castle estate to know that the western gate also opens out onto this main road, but the better part of two miles west of the village. If this makes you at all envious, just remember that you don't have to cut their lawn.

To add to the magnificence of the castle building and interior is the walled garden covering some 9 acres. Developed by the 2nd Duke in the mid 18th century. It was named after the life size statue of Hercules which overlooks it and many other features such as the Chinese bridge and a folly.

Blair Atholl Castle Gardens and Grounds

Blair Atholl Castle : Video Tour

Tullibardine Restaurant at Blair Atholl Castle

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