Braco Perthshire Information

The village of Braco Perthshire lies in the south west corner of Perthshire Scottish Highlands.

Braco Clock tower

The Romans built a number of forts nearly 2000 years ago, including Ardoch, situated on the Crieff road, connected by a line of watchtowers and fortlets across the southern edge of Perthshire. This appears to be the first form northern frontier of the Roman Empire and was constructed 40 years before Hadrian's Wall. The Romans withdrew after a short time. In the 140's they returned to Braco Perthshire to rebuild at least some of their earlier fortifications, reoccupied Ardoch and stayed this time for around 20 years. Ardoch was in fact one of the largest Roman stations in Britain but now grass covered rampants and ditches are all that remains. The site is however both remarkable and fascinating.

Nearby is Tullibardine Chapel. This Collegiate Church was founded by Sir David Murray in 1445 and remains unaltered.

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