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Have you ever wondered how to build a website?

Do you...dream about the possibility of making money at home, or ever thought about sharing your hobby with others on-line.

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When I started looking for ways to build a website in 2007, I was amazed at how many options there were to choose from. It was pretty overwhelming, but I finally came across something called Site Build It!.

How did I get to where I am today? Well, first let me start off by saying that building a website takes Dedication and work. It's like getting married or having a baby; it requires THAT much Committment! The reason why most people fail in this area is because they don't have (or have no clue how to get) the right tools to build a website. From the day I found Site Build It, I spent hours each day, for a couple of months, reading and re-reading the sales pages. I skimmed through almost all of their free ebooks and ploughed my way though the ACTION GUIDE. I knew I would eventually give it a try, but for some reason, I kept putting off actually starting the task! After two full months I finally took the plunge! And it didn't take long before I realized I had made the right choice. I found out I could build my website so quickly because Site Build It's "construction" tools were so easy to use! Their "building block" method of creating sites was PERFECT for a no-nothing like me!

I was also very pleased with the service I received for the price. This was less than the price I paid in early 2007 for a "hobby" website with another company. Yet, I get so much more with Site Build It! Site Build It! does more than TELL you how to start a website. They HELP you build a website. They have customer support standing by to answer your technical questions. They have an active forum of users who let you in on their tips and tricks. They have many successful clients...and over 200 of these clients have volunteered to serve as "examples" and let you look through their websites for ideas. Best of all, Site Build It submits every web page you build to the Search Engines---you know, Google, Yahoo and Bing. (When I was with the other company, I had to find my own "submission service" and pay them an extra fee to do this. I must have picked a submission company that wasn't very on-the-ball, because my old website never, ever showed up on any search engine results even after 5 months---which is when I gave up and dropped out!)

Free ebooks from Site Sell It

Site Build It (viz; SBI) is the web company that powers my site...and it has volumes of FREE information about "how to start a website." (Which you can download without obligation. They have plenty of money; they only want yours if you truly would like to join them.) SBI offers so much FREE information about how to start a website that you'll be reading "forever" if you want to!

List of free ebooks about How to Build a Website

1. Basics: How to write for a website--- Make Your Words Sell (viz MYWS) is laid out in such a unique simple-to-follow format, that A-N-Y-O-N-E, novice or pro, can do it. Remember... this is not "Hemingway" stuff. It shows you how to learn more about your product and customer than you ever thought possible! Then takes you the rest of the way to the sale. It's really an on-the-job mini-university course in copywriting. All of it achieved by simply learning how to apply the amazing power of the right words... It's called the Make Your Words Sell free ebook.

2. How to build a SALES website (any kind of sales)--- No matter what you offer on the Web, your site must SELL! Are you selling digital goods like software, video games, or info-products? Do you sell freezers to Eskimos (to store the ice you sold them), or other hard-good widgets? You can read about "pre-selling" to warm up your customers with the following Make Your Content PREsell free ebook

3. How to MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR HOBBY OR AREA OF EXPERTISE by building your own website--- Whether your passion is bird watching, skateboarding, computer building, backpacking...or WHATEVER...I can guarantee that you know more about your hobby than a number of other people in the world do. You can help the "newbies" in your hobby learn the ropes...while you have fun building a website all about what you know & love best! But, knowing about a hobby doesn't mean that you know how to build a WEBSITE about that pursuit. You can learn the details of turning your ideas into finished pages by reading the "Make Your Knowledge Sell" free SBI ebook.

4. How to build an AFFILIATE SALES website--- If you don't have anything to sell, you can still build a website which focuses on selling something. How? By getting in on one (or many) "affiliate sales programs." You might sell anything from ebooks to tangible goods. This free SBI Ebook focuses on teaching you the basic points of building an "affiliate sales" website...not matter what type of product or service you eventually choose to promote. It's called the Affiliate Masters Course, and this free SBI ebook will get you headed down the path to success without misleading you or asking for you to sign up for any expensive training.

5. How to SELL YOUR SERVICES through your own website--- If you have a skill by which you help clients (graphic arts, writing, accounting, etc) you're missing out on a great source of gaining NEW clients if you don't build your own website. This is true even if you have a local carpet cleaning business...but it's all the more true if your potential pool of clients is world-wide. The following Service Master Course SBI ebook will teach you basics of starting to build a website which has the intent of promoting personal services which you will provide.

6. How to PROMOTE YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS through your own website--- As mentioned above, if you have a business which concentrates on serving the public within your own home town, you'll want to read the Service Master Course. In addition, even more specific training to meet your needs can be found in Site Build It's Local Business Masters Course free ebook. This Site Build It ebook has very specific and detailed information pertaining to building this type of website (including things you will NOT learn going to your local book seller!) A "must read" for those to whom this topic applies

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