Comrie Photos

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Looking north over Comrie

This is a view over Comrie looking North taken from the hills to the south at the Auchingarrich Wild Life Centre. The Parish and White Churches can be quite clearly seen.

Comrie from the golf course

Looking south over Comrie. Photo taken above the 6th fairway of Comrie golf club.

Comrie White Curch

Comrie White Church, now the community center. This view was taken on the south side of Dalginross Bridge over the river Earn.

Cultybraggan Camp

Cultybraggan was a camp housing German prisoners during World War II. The buildings are still as they were back in the 1940's. Now owned by the Comrie Development Trust.
A view of Comrie looking south towards Cultybraggan

Looking south over Comrie towards Cultybraggan camp. The White Church can be seen in the foreground.

Rossbridge at Comrie
The Bridge of Ross crosses the river Earn on the west side of the village as you go towards St. Fillans and Loch Earn. It was built in 1792 to give access to The Ross village now part of Comrie.

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