Dunkeld Photos including Birnam

I have put together a gallery of Dunkeld photos including Birnam and the surrounding area that they inspire you to book a great vacation in the heart of beautiful Perthshire. Dream, explore and Fall in Love with the tranquility of the surrounding glens, lochs and mountains and it's mysteries.

Photos are still the most popular way to document scenic views and places, that tell others about a memorable visit. As the saying goes, "a picture paints a thousand words.I guarantee these splendid pictorial views will not disappoint you.

Telford Bridge
Telford bridge crossing River Tay between Birnam and Dunkeld

Birnam  post Office and Store
Birnam Post Office has a wild west veranda finished in rustic timber.

Beatrix Potter Garden
Frog at side of pool in Beatrix Potter's garden Birnam.

Dunkeld High street
Looking north down Dunkeld High street from bridge.

Ell Shop Dunkeld
Ell's shop, 1757, takes its name from the ell or weaver's measure fixed to the wall outside, was built as St George's Hospital to house seven bedesmen.

Atholl Memorial
Atholl Memorial.

Fishing on the River Tay
Fishing on the silvery river Tay above the Telford bridge.

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