Dunning Perthshire Information

Dunning Perthshire is an endearing old village, snuggling in the Ochils in beautiful Strathearn, has many attractions. Visitors will receive a friendly welcome.

St Serf's church Dunning

The village is also an excellent and readily accessible centre for touring.

Situated at the foot of Rossie Law, where in AD83 the Caledonians led by Calagus, fought the Romans commanded by Agricola. This was the Battle of Mons Graupius. The Caledonians not only lost the battle but also 10,000 men died in the process. The neighbouring Forteviot (the ancient Pictish capital) both have their roots firmly planted in fascinating history. This is where the clash of Pictish armies shook these quiet hills as they fought for kingship at the Battle of Dungrub in AD965. From the village square, roads branch off in all directions, particularly those heading into the Ochils. One is that to Milnathort or Glenfarg on the other side of the hills, the Path of Condie. This ascends seven hundred feet in under a mile, then runs through deep, hidden valleys with twisting hairpin corners.

You will find a warm welcome awaits you.

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You might want to find out about the many historical events.

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