Fishing in Perthshire

If you would like a vacation fishing in Perthshire for salmon, sea trout and brown trout in lochs and rivers in the Scottish Highlands read on.

Fishing on the Silver Tay Dunkeld

Fishing in Perthsire may be a new location to be looked forward to with hope and expectation. With that comes a feeling of bewilderment.

  • Where to go?
  • What to fish for?
  • When are the best times?
  • What flies, rods, reels, lines, are needed?
  • How do I get there?
  • Where to get permission?
  • What are the regulations?

And so it's the anglers turn to feel a bit like a fish out of water, or worse still, lost!

Loch Fishing
Loch fishing in Perthshire truly is loch fishing paradise. Highland Perthshire benefits from its many flat waters (mostly!) for sensational mixed loch fishing, some massive lochs like Rannoch, Tummel, Ericht and Tay, but also smaller, delightful hill and moor lochs such as Laidon and Eigheach, and of course many other smaller lochs and reservoirs. A myriad of lochs full of wild brown trout which have made this part of Scotland a mecca for fishermen. Go as you please – or enjoy guided visits with an expert ghillie who knows the lochs in this wonderful area. Again get someone local who will be happy to arrange everything – excellent safe and well maintained boats, access and permits, ghillie, rods and tackle, lunch, transport if necessary – and great hospitality.

Hill Lochs
You only have to take a look at Ordnance Survey Maps of Tayside, to see the number of hill lochs scattered throughout the Scottish Highlands area. There are boats available on some of the lochs. Trout are typically less than a pound in weight and sometimes only half of that. One or two lochs have better quality feeding that sustains trout that are larger than usual, perhaps up to two pounds. However what they lack in size, they more than make up for in fighting qualities. Sometimes they rise freely to the fly, occasionally they can be frustratingly difficult. Large trout are sometimes caught and these can be very large indeed, occasionally into double figures.

Stillwater Fisheries
There are a large number of stillwater fisheries throughout the region, which offer convenient fishing mostly for rainbow trout and several of them specialise in producing large trophy fish.

River Fishing
River fishing in Perthshire is a very special river fishing place. The Tay river system drains a land filled with superb fishing rivers and lochs, large and small. Fishing in Scotland doesn’t get any better than this. An abundance of great fishing for wild brown trout, salmon, pike, rainbow trout and coarse fish in truly majestic, yet very tranquil surroundings. Here are the highlights of superb river Tay and Tay tributary fishing opportunities in Perthshire from this superb network – all of which we can arrange for you, with or without rods and tackle, ghillie, tuition, lunch and hospitality. For more information

Coarse Fishing in Perthshire

Tranquil Loch Dunmore

Coarse fishing in Perthshire and Scotland is growing in popularity. All trout angling clubs on the River Tay are obliged by law to sell permits for other species. Grayling, pike, perch and roach are the most common species. In addition there are some specialist venues listed below which offer sport for carp and tench as well.

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