Glen Quaich

Glen Quaich is a glen of West Perthshire, which lies between Strath Tay and Glen Almond, runs north west from Amrulee for 9 miles (15 km), along the small road branching off the A822. This is a natural pass squeezed between Meall Dearg (2,264ft) and Meall nam Fuaran (2,641ft), emerging at the eastern extremity of Loch Tay.

This drive is not for the faint hearted. I wouldn't advise taking a large RV on this narrow road, as there are very few passing places.

Glen Quaich and Loch Freuchie

This, without doubt, is one of the most picturesque roads in the whole of Scotland. The River Quaich flows through an empty glen, into Loch Freuchie and out into the River Baan.

The hamlet of Amulree in West Perthshire lies close to the geographical centre of Scotland. Situated on open moorland by the River Quaich 9 miles (14km) southwest of Dunkeld, it was once a cattle tryst. Its drovers' inn was a 'King's House' on the 18th century Wade military road before becoming a coaching inn and its church was founded in 1744 as a mission of the Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge.

The Primary School here closed in 1998. Along the shore line of Loch Freuchie there are several sites of ruined communities. These communities would have several houses, sometimes a mill and would have been home to perhaps 10 to 15. Most of this development happened in the 18 century when the communities in Loch Tay were being vacated as a result of the new farming and tenancy agreements brought about by the Marquis of Breadalbane. The families however did not remain in Glen for long. As swift as the moving companies brought the settlers here, they quickly found a new home.

In the early 1800s around three hundred crofters left the glen to resettle in Canada. After a three month voyage they colonised the Easthope area of Ontario and named their settlements Amulree and Glen Quaich. As the moving companies arrived, the settlements quickly emptied. In Ontario, the unloading by the moving company was quick and the settlers had found their new home.

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