Glen Tilt

Glen Tilt

Glen Tilt is a long glen, leading some 11 miles from the broad valley of the River Garry at Blair Atholl, 7 miles north-west of Pitlochry on the A9, up into the hills around the Falls of Tarf, where the river divides into a number of tributaries. Why not spend the day walking in the serenity of such a glen and to enjoy the beauty of the hills, woods and waterfalls for which this area is renowned.

You begin walking from the Blair Atholl Caravan Site (the entrance is just beyond the road bridge over the River Tilt, coming from Pitlochry), leaving the site by the first of the gates to the riverside footpath and following it up through the woods by the river. The path is signposted from this point onwards.

You are asked to stay on the path while in the Glen. Please respect the countryside code when walking on the hills as it can be disturbing for both farm animals and game birds and, during the shooting season (August-October), it can be dangerous. Also, at the weekend (March-October) the west bank of the river is used for rifle practice. However, access is still possible at weekends although walkers are advised to check with the Marshal before entering the area.

If you find yourself tiring while on this walk, remember that the route can be shortened by 4 miles - by crossing the river at Gilbert's Bridge and walking downstream from there.

For those interested in longer walks, there is a right of way through Glen Tilt and over to the Linn of Dee. There is limited access for vehicles up a private road to reduce the length of this walk, but prior permission must be received from the Atholl Estate Office and a small fee paid for the use of the road.

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