Historical Kinloch Rannoch

Historical Kinloch Rannoch owes its beginnings to the end of the Rebellion of 1745 when the Redcoats built roads around the side of Schiehallion from the Tummel Bridge. The original intention was for the village to be a retirement area for the soldiers. However, the quiet farming life was not for the soldiers. The result was that the people who lived here were given leases on the land so they could own their own land. Less enduring was the name given by ex-soldiers to another settlement which they built at the head of Loch Rannoch. "Georgetown" was a step too far in an area which had been strongly Jacobite, and rapidly returned to the earlier Bridge of Gaur.

The area is steeped in history, with at least 8 clans having lived here in the past, as well as being part of the highland clearances. It is reputed that William Wallace & Robert the Bruce also spent some time in the area under the protection of the clans.

The history of village goes back a lot farther than 1745, as there is evidence of habitation here as early as 500 A.D. St. Blane reported people living here when he arrived in the area. Many other missionaries followed and helped to convert the people to Christianity.

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