Historical Lochearnhead

Historical Lochearnhead had its fair share of turbulent times. In particular was Black Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy, renowned for his brutality. Campbell is from the Gaelic Cam Beul meaning twisted mouth and Clan is said to descend from Ossianic hero Diarmaid Cam Beul. Thus Campbell and MacDiarmaid/MacDermott are of the same Clan. More extravagant claims of descent from British Kings of Strathclyde or from the legendary King Arthur himself are made. The Campbell rise to power in Scotland firmly dates from the period when Sir Colin Campbell of Loch Awe supported Robert Bruce in his quest for the Scottish throne. As did a number of other Scottish families who did well out of supporting Bruce and the winning side! Lands from those on the losing side were granted and the Campbells continued to rise in power and wealth in Argyll by supporting the monarchy against local rebels. Around 1440 Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy married Margaret Stewart and obtained lands in west Perthshire among others. Why not take a short break of vacation in Campbell country? Here are some facts about Edinample castle
  • It was built in the 16th century, by 'Black' Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy on the site of an earlier MacGregor building.
  • Its new owner was Black Campbell of Cowl, head of the clan Campbell. Rumour has it that to avoid payment for his services the builder he was pushed off the parapets
  • It is a reminder of the need for security in a land where cattle rustling was endemic. Rob Roy McGregor was probably the best known of these.

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