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Here's some visitors information for Perthshire Scottish Highlands that you may need or find useful.

Tourist Information Centres:

The Square, PH15 2DD
Tel: 01887 820276

26 Wellmeadow, PH10 6AS
Tel: 01250 872960

High Street, PH7 3HU
Tel: 01764 652578

The Cross, PH8 0AN
Tel: 01350 727688

Heart of Scotland Visitor Centre, adjacent to Service Area, Junction 6, M90, KY13 7NQ
Tel: 01577 863680

Lower City Mills, West Mill Street, PH1 5QP
Tel: 01738 450600

22 Atholl Road, PH16 5BX
Tel: 01796 472215 / 472751

I've included many frequently asked questionsuseful contact detailsand miscellaneous snippets of local knowledge designed to make your visit to Perthshire, stress free to.

You might want to keep up touch with the news, local events and information. Visit our favourite online media station, weather, news.

Driving Information

This visitors information page will help find the excellent road network, with motorways and dual carriageway roads linking many of the main cities and towns. The primary road network extends over most of the country

Country road Perthshire
except for a few remote areas, where there are single track roads with passing places (this means that you have to draw in to let others pass or overtake). It is part of the pleasurable experience in getting away from traffic jams to drive on the quiet roads in Scotland. There are no tolls on the roads in Scotland. There are number bridges which no longer have a toll charge - the Forth, Erskine and Tay bridges.

Driving on the Left
Please remember that in Scotland, as elsewhere in the UK, driving is always on the left-hand side of the road.

Driving License and Insurance Information
The holder of an overseas driving license may, for a period of up to one year, drive a motor vehicle in Britain. Visitors bringing their own cars from overseas require green-card insurance and the car registration documents.

Drinking & Driving
You are strongly advised not to drink and drive. If caught and convicted, the criminal penalties can be severe.

Speed Limits
Unless otherwise signposted, speed limits on UK roads are

  • Motorway: 70 mph/ 112 kph
  • Dual Carriageway: 70 mph/ 112 kph
  • Single Carriageway: 60 mph/ 96 kph
  • Built-up areas: 30 mph/ 48 kph

Unmarked police cars patrol regularly and remote speed cameras are positioned on many roads.

Fuel Information
Many fuel stations throughout Scotland are open 24 hours a day and all provide unleaded petrol and diesel; a smaller number also provide LPG. In remote areas, distances between stations are greater and opening hours may be limited. Fuel is priced and sold by the litre.

Seat Belts
It is compulsory to wear seat belts, both front and rear. Small children and babies must be restrained in a appropriate child seat or carrier. Child seats should be ordered when you book your car.

The Highway Code Information
The rules for driving in Britain can be found in The Highway Code, available from Her Majesty's Stationery Offices (i.e. government bookshops), other bookshops, newsagents and from motoring organisations such as the AA and the RAC. 

Health Information
First of all, you CAN drink the water. In fact it is renowned as being of an excellent quality. Secondly, Scotland is considered a very safe place to visit.

Visitors who become ill while in Scotland are eligible for free emergency treatment at National Health Service, Accident and Emergency hospital departments. As with all travel it is advisable to take out insurance cover before traveling. This applies for European Community and other travelers. Your travel agent can give advice. You do not need any vaccinations before you come to Scotland.

Passports, Visas and Vaccinations

As you plan your Scottish vacation, you'll want to ensure that you have no problems in entering the country. The rules and regulations for this are pretty straightforward. 

These facts are accurate at the time of writing

  • If you are a visitor from within the European community can enter Britain with a passport, without a visa for 3 months.
  • If you are from United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, you can enter on a passport as well and stay for up to 6 months.
  • If you are from another country you may require a Visa which you can get from the British Consulate in you own country.
  • No special vaccinations are needed to enter Britain

Please also contact the British Consulate in your own country to ensure that there are no changes (in the light of current terrorist activities.)

Money Information

Bank Opening Times

Banks usually open Monday to Friday between 0900-1600/1700hrs (some open until later on Thursdays and a few open on Saturday mornings).


Scottish banks issue their own bank notes in all denominations. These differ in design from English notes, but are of the same value and are accepted elsewhere in the UK (although you are best to change £1 notes for £1 coins before you leave Scotland). English notes are accepted in Scotland.

UK currency
In Scotland, banks usually give the best exchange rate for foreign currency, and many offer this service. I have added a currency converter so you may see what the daily rate is. It is also possible to change money in airports, larger rail stations, travel agents and some of the larger hotels (if you are a resident); there is usually a handling fee and commission. Most towns and cities have cash machines where you can obtain British Currency using your cash card or credit card. Some establishments may accept Euro traveller cheques.

Credit Cards

Main stores, hotels and restaurants in Scotland will accept the majority of credit cards. It is advisable to carry some £ Sterling; for example, many smaller accommodation establishments such as B&Bs may not accept credit cards; this also applies to other small businesses.

Tax Refunds
Value Added Tax (VAT) at 17.5% is applied to goods and services. Non-EU visitors to Scotland can reclaim it on goods only, by using the Foreign Exchange Tax Free Shopping arrangements. You can reclaim VAT at participating stores. A Tax Free Shopping form is obtained and completed at the shop where you must also show your passport. The form has to be presented to HM Customs and Excise, as you leave the UK.

Climate Information
The climate in Scotland is very temperate. In other words we do not have really, really bitter cold winters, nor do we have particularly hot summers. This means you need to be prepared when you're planning what clothes to bring. We CAN have and occasional hot day, but generally speaking, do bring something warm to wear, even in the summer.

Even when we do have a hot summer day, the temperature drops in the evening. We just don't get those balmy, humid evenings that you get in other parts of the world. But we do have four distinct season. Of course it is a known fact we get rain do bring an umbrella if you can, or a light rain coat. In fact I would say, pack your umbrella or 'brolly' as we call it as well as your sunglasses. 

It is against the law to smoke in the majority of Scotland's indoor public places, including pubs, restaurants and cafes, most public buildings in Scotland, within airports and on most forms of public transport. The new regulations came into force on 26th March 2006 and are intended to create a healthier and fresher environment for residents and visitors to our beautiful country. The law also affects accommodation establishments. 

All enclosed public areas of hotels, boarding houses, guest houses, inns and hostels such as bars, lounges, restaurants, reception and lobby areas, etc. are included in the smoke-free ruling and smoking is not permitted in these public areas. However, some establishments have designated dedicated bedrooms where smoking is allowed, and if these are required, you should contact the property directly to check if they offer this facility. Further information on the new legislation can be found on at From 26th March 2006, smoking in all enclosed public spaces in Scotland was prohibited. 

What's the food like?
One of the exciting things about visiting any other country is sampling their food. Scotland has a natural 'larder' of its own produce, and many of our recipes are world renowned. Many people from overseas describe British food as bland, but Scotland has the most wonderful natural ingredients, that if you go to a good restaurant, you will find some of the finest food in the world. Of course, if you buy the 'fast foods' then often the 'quality' is the same as 'fast food' anywhere. 

Communication Information

Post Offices
The network of post offices throughout Scotland offer a variety of products and services. Main post offices in cities and towns offer more than dispatch of mail and parcels or purchase of stamps such as international money transfer, postal orders and bureau de change. In rural areas they are often dedicated to serving the local community and can be part of a general store in which it may be possible to buy a wide range of items including food and souvenirs. Post offices generally open Monday-Friday 0900- 1730hrs, Saturdays 0900-1230hrs. Smaller offices often close in the middle of the day. Look out for the Post Office sign, yellow lettering on a red background. Posting postcards or letters is easy from any red post box.

Remember that hotels charge high rates so you are best to use public telephones. Phone cards can be bought at post offices, newsagents and Tourist Information Centres.

Personal Computers
If you are planning to take a lap top computer with you, please ensure you take the correct adapter suitable for use in the UK. Some hotels provide computer and office facilities in bedrooms.

Internet Cafes
There are internet cafes in most of the major cities and towns of Scotland allowing you to pick up emails and access the internet. The local Tourist Information Centre will be able to advise on where to find the nearest internet café.

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