Loch Freuchie

Loch Freuchie

Loch Freuchie or Fraoch - the heatherly loch, lies in a sheltered location in Glen Quaich behind the tiny settlement of Amulree. A pleasant walk in open countryside but on easy terrain. Good opportunities for bird watching. The return section is on a minor road but it has little traffic.

The hamlet of Amulree lies almost 306m/1000ft above sea level and is very close to the georaphical centre of Scotland. Dating from 1744, the white painted church is also worth a visit and has an information display on the colourful history of the area inside the church. Set off from the car park opposite the Amulree Hotel, built in 1714 as adrovers' in. It became a 'King's House' when General Wade was building his military roads and the old nearby bridge. After that it was a coaching inn. Take a clockwise direction along the peaceful, unclassified road. Continue walking high above the loch to reach the northern end and the turn off for the remainder of the circuit. A small shingle beach makes a good half way resting place, ideal for picnics and watching bird life on the loch. The route follows the head of the Loch and crosses a lovely stone bridge over the River Quaich before reaching the road. Turn left and follow the minor road, which has good views over Loch Freuchie, all the way back to Amulree.

In 1746 there were more than 1000 inhabitants living in the Glen, but bythe 1800's more 300 crofters had left to resettle in Canada. After a three month voyage they colonised the Easthope area of Ontario and named their settlements Amulree and Glen Quaich.

The crannog (prehistoric man made island) on Loch Freuchie (Fraochie) is a stone-built crannog close to the SW shore of the Loch, not far from Glenquaich Lodge. It rises to a height of 1.8m out of the water, and measures 33m E to W by 17m across. It has been planted with conifers.

It has an interesting dragon legend! The story goes that a young man named Fraoch, at the request of the lady Maidh, went to the dragon inhabited island to gather rowan berries. He completed the task and evaded the dragon but the lady insisted that nothing would please her except that he return to her with the uprooted rowan tree. On his second visit he got the tree but woke the dragon, who in mortal combat gnawed off Fraoch's arms and legs! Maidh found both lying dead on the shore of the crannog.

How to get there

Situated in Glen Quaich, that stretches NW from Amulree. Amulree is located 9 miles/14.5km west of Dunkeld on the A822. From Amulree, Glen Quaich takes you NW, past Loch Freuchie on your RH side. Access to the loch is no longer as easy as it used to be. The access road now has a locked gate on it a goodly distance from the "main" road.
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Information Summary

Parking: Park in a layby with a disused hut, opposite the Amulree Hotel Grid Ref: 901367.
Walk Time: 4-5hrs
Distance: 13km (8 miles)
Terrain: An easy walk around Loch Freuchie on farm tracks and minor roads.
Grade: 1 Easy walk, a pleasing fairly level walk along a quiet minor road, returning beside a charming loch.
OS Map: Explorer 379: Dunkeld, Aberfeldy & Glen Almond

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