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Save Money When Shopping From Your Local Shops and Businesses

Welcome to Perthshire Discount Card (PDC Perthshire) created to give you, the consumer, outstanding value for money by using local shops and services.

Having carried out considerable research to find the ideal relationship between consumers and retailers, PDC Perthshire has teamed up with a wide range of shops, professionals and business service providers.

Our research has shown that consumers are looking for:

1. The ability to shop locally

2.  Access to local attractions

3. Outstanding value for money

4. Excellent customer service

Local businesses are keen to serve local clients and are happy to offer a discount or a promotion to attract and retain your custom.

This is a way that local businesses can promote and market their services to customers on their doorstep who are looking for value for money and excellent customer service.

Introducing the Perthshire Discount Card.

We all want to save money these days, and what could be better than going into some of your local shops and businesses in Perthshire and enjoying a discount, a special offer or indeed an extra privilege. PDC Perthshire  have teamed up with shops and businesses throughout Perthshire, all willing to help you save money when shopping locally.We are able to offer discounts and privileges in Aberfeldy, Aberfoyle, Abernety, Alyth, Auchterarder, Blackford, Birnam, Blair Atholl, etc and surrounding areas.

We are offering our discount card to you at a reduced price of £29.50 for the first 1000 members! Please sign up to our mailing list or better still join and get a Perthshire Discount Card. By signing up we will keep you up to date with all the latest offers & privileges in Perthshire.

The Perthshire Discount Card is a loyalty membership card offering people living, working and visiting in the Perthshire area savings at various local businesses, as well as at selected online and national venues. It purpose is to give members instant access to discounts on everyday purchases and services including:

  • Food and Drink
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Fitness and Leisure
  • Entertainment
  • Home and Garden
  • Family Days Out
  • City Attractions
  • … and more!

It’s like a diners club, but not just for diners!
It’s like a student discount card, but not just for students!

Want to get fit? Have a fun day out? Learn how to dance?
Looking for a photographer? A hypnotherapist? An electrician?
Need your hair done? House cleaning? New car tyres?
Planning a kids party? A wedding? A holiday?
Check our website first to see if there is an offer you can use!

Our aim is to continue to bring a wide range of businesses on board so that our members are spoilt for choice, whatever they want to do.


Is It For Me?

Whether you live, work, in Perthshire (or even just visit occasionally) the Perthshire Discount Card is for you. Here’s why:

  • Instant access to great offers and discounts from various businesses, all on ONE card.
  • Save £100s doing the things you do anyway with offers the whole family can enjoy!
  • Not just a ‘daily deal’ – receive your discounts again and again for as long as they are listed on our website.
  • Convenient credit card size, just carry your card with you and be amazed at the amount of money you'll save!
  • New offers continually added to the website, adding more and more value to your card throughout the year.
  • As a member, you'll be automatically entered into our monthly prize draws to win exciting free giveaways!
  • We donate a percentage of our profits to local charities of your choice, so by using the Perthshire Discount Card you will also be contributing to a good cause.


How Does It Work?

The Perthshire Discount Card works on the principle that if you support local (and even some national!) businesses, they will reward your loyalty with special discounts. As a result, you save money while businesses receive more customers. All in all, everyone is happy!

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

  1. Businesses create special offers and list them on the Perthshire Discount Card website, together with information about the business.
  2. People like you who live, work, study or visit Nottingham buy the Perthshire Discount Card and, as members, gain access to those special offers and discounts.
  3. From now on, whatever you’re looking for - whether it’s a restaurant, beauty salon, hypnotherapist or an electrician - check our website first to see if there are any relevant offers at the time. Oh, and make sure you check our website frequently as new offers are being added on a regular basis!


How Much Does It Cost?

A lot less than you’d think! There is no monthly fee, just a one-off affordable yearly membership of £28 - and with many offers on our website you’ll save more than that after just ONE use!



Help Us Grow Our Community

The more members we have the more businesses will want to offer you discounts, so it’s in everyone’s interest to get the word out there and get as many people joining our community as possible. Please share the news about Perthsire Discount Card via Facebook, Twitter, or simple ‘word of mouth’.

help us grow our community

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Prizes include tickets and vouchers to use at various venues in and around Perthsire, as well as nationally. Find us on Facebook by clicking the image on the left, then click the ‘Like’ button.


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Know any great businesses?

At Perthsire Discount Card we want to offer you discounts from businesses you want to use. If you know a business that you’d like to see on our website, please feel free to email us the details!


We Want To Hear From You!

We are a business open to any ideas you may have of how we can improve our service to you. Let us know about your experiences of using your Perthsire Discount Card or any other feedback. We would love to hear from you!

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