Your Perthshire Family Ancestors

Why should you or anyone be interested in your Perthshire family ancestors?

Here are some reasons why I believe it is important to explore our Perthshire Roots. As we become a more integrated society the less we look at the history of our country as an important part of our heritage. Families have been dispersed from being a closely knit communities that was normal a hundred or even fifty tears ago.

Two World Wars were partly to blame for this, as well as the sociological changes which have rapidly changed the world as a whole. Prior to the wars, Victorian Britain was racing to increase the size of the Empire. The sense of adventure and the ever growing new trading opportinites throughout the Empire sparked a surge in migration away from community living in Britain. The world had become so much smaller and easily accessible in both travel time and cost. Thousands jumped at the opportunity to find a better life. Mechanisation and commercial goods were replacing manual labour at an alarming rate, so people had to move further and further away from their communities to seek alternative work. The previous barriers between the rich and lower classes in society were gradually being removed. There was never a true saying spoken than,'The World is your oyster'.

Society has changed without a doubt over the past century! It is a fact that from the start the population rarely left the boundaries of towns and villages where they had been born, along with other generations of the family. People have always migrated, but only for short distances to find work. Many had stayed in the community generation after generation.

Moving away from that static existance has become a much greater part of todays' modern society. In the latter part of the twentieth century, it is rare to have remained in the same house for more than a decade. We now move around the country, or even move abroad, far more than we ever did. We are a society on the move. We no longer have time to put down Roots.

In the early days, when people moved away, they did retain a connection with their families, as a sense of belonging. Then they knew where they were from, who the people around them were, parents, grandparents and neighbours, and back through the generations. But that has now all but disappeared and maybe the explanation why there is a growing desire to know who and where our families originated from. You could say a sense of belonging, knowing who our ancestors where, what hey did and where and how they lived. Over this first decade of the twenty first century, there has been a growing surge of interest in the population to explore their roots What has changed society to make us intrigued with wanting to find out about the past history of our Perthshire family ancestors. Why do we need to know?

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