History of the Perthshire Highland Clearances

Why should there be an interest in Perthshire Highland Clearances?

Glen Quaich and Loch Freuchie

Since this website is a travel guide for Perthshire today, it seemed right to include this part of Scottish history as well as the present day. There is a large amount of information among the pages of this website concerning the Towns and villages of Perthshire, it would seem appropriate to add something about Perthshire roots concerning this period of upheaval.

There was a great deal of movement of the population in the late 16th and 17th centuries, caused by these Perthshire Highland Clearances. These poor unforunate people were forceably driven from their homes which had been occupied by previous generations, by local landowners. They saw it was easier and more profitable them to replace sheep with people and their families.

Many did leave by choice as it was a poor existance living off the land, but others were driven off the land, their homes burnt to ensure they were unable to return. Some decided to move to other areas in the country. A large proportion left their beloved Scotland to make a new start in foreign lands. They sailed with only the possesions they could carry to places like America, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Today many of the descendants remember their ancestors and have returned to their roots back in Scotland and Perthshire. An example this, of families from different lands and times can be found in Glen Quaich and Amulree Perthshire and Ontario in Canada. Some several hundred people were forceably driven from their crofts, the roofs set alight, so they could not return, made homeless. History has proven that this hopeless situation became a blessing and a hard but turn-around in their fortunes. These were the immigrants, who around 1830's, traveled thousands of miles across sea and land to establish new communities. There is a communities in Perth county, Ontario called Amulree whose ancestors came an settled there over a hundred years ago.

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