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Whatever your reason for visiting, there are many properties to choose from in Perthshire Scottish Highlands to suit your every taste, need and budget.

You may be getting married, or spending your honeymoon, or you might want to stay in a romantic castle or cosy cottage. If you're travelling around, bed and breakfasts - traditional or swanky - might fit the bill, or you could check out one of Perthshire's many beautiful guest houses or small hotels. Maybe you're travelling on business, you may need meeting facilities, all the latest tech stuff and a place to relax after your work is done. Perthshire has all of these.

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including self catering, farm houses, country houses, town houses, apartments, log cabins ...and even castles!

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To assist in your choice of type, I have written some short guidance notes to help you with this quest.

Visit the Accommodation Review to read recommendations and reviews of hotels as well as B & B's, Guest Houses, Self Catering, Caravan Sites,etc, posted by other travelers. You can also add your own recommendations. If you've discovered a gem help us bring it to light!

Most places to stay in Perthshire allow you to access their web site (mouse over the image and a finger appears, then left click) which allows you to book direct with the owners. If there is no web site, either send them email message or telephone to find availability, prices and other details. They can tell you far more about their property than a booking agency would. Finally - have fun choosing your holiday! The best ones are taken on the spur of the moment, impulsively. Please tell your friends about this site, and let the owners who offer their places to stay Perthshire, know that you discovered them here.   Back to top

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This type of  service goes way back in history. It has become more popular in recent years now the ownership of motor transport is common place. With the growing numbers of foreigners needing  places to stay, local people have opened their homes and started serving breakfast to those overnight guests.

A typical Bed & Breakfast in Perthshire
Hence, a bed and breakfast is a room offered in some one's private home. The proprietor may live on premises or nearby. Breakfast is usually home made and sumptuous, usually served in the dining room, the bedroom or at a patio in the private garden of the house. The majority of B&Bs offer a private or en-suite (in the room) bathroom. Privacy and sociability are equally available depending on the preferences of the guest.

It is important to know that bed and breakfasts match other types of lodging in terms of cleanliness and comfort, most go even beyond average standards. At the same time the home-like atmosphere, warm atmosphere, and personal pampering are compared to none. Moreover, the B&B hosts are always a good source for detailed local knowledge and great help for planning a trip. Guests generally communicate directly with the owner which allows them to make prior arrangements for special requirements.

It is very difficult to put a strict label to bed and breakfasts and they do not come different only in the basics. Location, architecture, interior decoration, facilities and services – all these features of a B&B vary in large amounts depending on location, standards, and people running the place. Bed and breakfasts are to be found in townhouses, country houses, farms, cottages, villas, lodges, country inns, historic homes, castles, cabins, carriage houses, boats, mansions, ranches, apartments, everyday homes. The list can go on endlessly. But it is the variety that makes staying in B&B so exciting, romantic, and thrilling.   Back to top


A private house offering rooms to paying guests. In some parts of the world a guest house is similar to a hostel or bed and breakfast. In other parts of the world guest houses are the only kind of places to stay available for visitors with no local relatives. Among the distinguishing features that distinguish a guest house from a hotel or bed and breakfast is the lack of full time staff.

A typical Guesthouse in Perthshire
Bed and breakfasts are usually family owned, with the family living on the premises. Hotels maintain a staff presence 24/7. A guest house on the other hand will have limited staff presence. Because of the limited staff presence check-in is often by appointment. Larger than 'bed and breakfast' these type of places to stay in Perthshire, typically offers breakfast included in room rate but not licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. Guest houses, another type of Perthshire accommodation, range from low-budget rooms to luxury apartments, and tend to be like small hotels in larger cities. They are rated from one to four stars (one to five diamonds in UK) on the basis of the level of cleanliness, quality of food, hospitality, and service, and whether or not they offer attached bathrooms. These are referred to as boarding houses in the USA.   Back to top


Find what you were looking for? These type of places to stay in Perthshire have become common in the UK. Their descriptions are many, self catering, holiday homes, cottages, villas, quite simply they're all names for the same. They are typically small homes that vacationers can rent and run as if it were their own home for the duration of their stay. This gives them the freedom to eat in, eat out, stay in bed all day and generally come and go as they please - just like home! In contrast to these places to stay in Perthshire, a bed and breakfast or hotel usually involves some sort of restriction on the time of day guests need to vacate their rooms for cleaning and so on.

Young children and babies can be more easily accommodated for in a holiday cottage where the parents do not feel pressure from other families (e.g. in a hotel resort) who may not have young children. The fact that guests are on holiday in a home together, often with three generations in larger houses, brings a much different atmosphere to the holiday.

A typical Self Catering in Perthshire
Holiday Cottages are nowadays found across the length and breadth of the UK, with many destinations from town houses, seaside to forests or glens. Holiday Cottages have become more popular in recent years, gaining a higher profile as more and more areas are becoming National Parks. There are typically two routes to renting a holiday cottage. Either direct with an owner, or through the auspices of a holiday cottage agency.

The holiday cottage market in the UK is highly competitive - and big business. This increased competition has led to significant improvements in the quality of properties on offer - so gone are the swirly carpets and tacky furniture of old, now replaced by tasteful hues, character furnishings and quality appliances, in some cases providing a standard more akin to a 'boutique' hotel. This improvement in standards has in turn contributed to the increase in the popularity of holiday cottages for weekend breaks, offering in many cases the same standard of accommodation as an hotel, yet with the increased freedom that a holiday cottage offers.

One other significant development in the UK holiday cottage market is that of Farm Stays, driven partly by the farmers and the poor returns they get from farming itself, but also by the desire of parents wanting their children to experience rural life first-hand.   Back to top

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