Places to visit in Perthshire Scottish Highlands

There are literally hundreds of places to visit in Perthshires' towns and villages.

Overview: Places to visit in Perthshire

Each have their own unique character and history and can provide interest and even 'entertainment' for all of the family. Located in the heart of Scotland and right on the edge of the Highlands, Perthshire is a great place to be based if you want to get around and visit places.

Places to visit near Pitlochry

If you came here by car there is an excellent network of roads easily accessed which enable you to reach most parts of Scotland and return the same day. Alternatively why not explore the many walks that can be found in the location you are staying.

Around Perthshire Scottish Highlands you will find a host of villages, some fairly ordinary, some interesting or historical most in extraordinarily scenic surroundings. I've tried to give information to help you decide which places will give you most pleasure during your stay. Select a town from the list displayed in the right hand column.  

I hope you found the places to stay page of interest in planning your vacation in Perthshire Scottish Highlands

Activities: Places to Visit in Perthshire

Climbing and Walking

The Perthshire Scottish Highlands offer an unlimited selections of walking, from demanding hill-walks to more gentle strolls. There is enough variety to satisfy the beginner and the accomplished climber. There numeroous 'Monros' and 'Corbets' to choose from, all set in the most scenic and idyllic settings.


Scotland including is renowned for its superb fishing set in tranquil settings. No general licence is required but local permits must be obtained, available from clubs, estate offices, hotels, tackle dealer, and other shops.


There are some of the best and famous golf courses throughout Perthshire. Many of them offer the Green card or the Perthshire  Highland Golf Ticket, at much reduced green fees


Pony-trekking is another possibility, with all the open moorland hills. There are a number of centres and stables that cater for all standards of ability.

Sailing and Watersports

Most of the Perthshire lochs are land locked so restricting the type of sailing available. There a number of waterspport centres in more central and southern highland areasthe have sailing clubs


There are two main ski areas in Perthshire, Glen Coe near Rannoch, Glenshee, between Breamar and Blairlogie.

Interest: Places to visit

There are many other interesting places and sites to visit. Many of these can be accessed by selecting any of the towns opposite. However selecting attraction takes you to a page identifying many covered in this web site 

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