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Have you ever written reviews about your experiences while on vacation?

It's really easy to contribute.

OK. Here's where you come in........

Tell me about the places you visited, stayed at and ate in.

Select the appropriate subject you want to tell me about from the reviews links below!

I want this travel guide website to be sharing and interactive. I want you to feel involved, rather than just another boring website.

Here's an example!

Everyone who visits and enjoys the spectacular Perthshire scenery, will have at least one romantic experience (I'm pretty sure there are more!). There seems to be a sense of fellowship, something that draws us country lovers together.

Have you every shopped on-line? Why did you purchase product(s)? I'm betting it had a lot to do with what someone else had written about it in the visitor comments. That's what I do! I like to read what other people have to say.

I prefer to take this approach because the detailed information is coming from an authority. It's not some biased corporate sales pitch, but from real, live, honest people like you and me. It's other customers feedback that holds more weight in my eyes. Not only do they have experience of the product or service, they can speak about it, because they want to know other people's opinions about it. They want to share their experience to help someone else choose. That's very cool and I appreciate the time they take to write a review. Would you like to do the same! Here's your chance to help other visitors in choosing their vacation in Perthshire Scottish Highlands. 

If you have any questions that might be too personal or too specific to be of interest to others, please email me directly through the contact form making sure you provide your email address, checking for typos. (I promise you it will only be used to answer you and won't be published or used for anything else.

Thank you for your interest.


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