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Hi - My name is Mike and I built this Perthshire Travel Guide Site.

I want to share with you my love for the Perthshire Scottish Highlands, their beauty and all the attractions and things going on in this scenic part of Scotland.

I have lived in Scotland for over 33 years, with my wife, my family and friends....and there's always plenty of things to do! Sometimes there's too much choice to pack into a day, I don't know where to begin!Having lived in Scotland for over thirty years, half of those have been in Perthshire. I had been fortunate to travel around Scotland with my job. I spent a lot of time on the road, out and about, so I was always discovering new and exciting places of interest when taking breaks from driving.

Perthshire Travel Guide Webmaster

I soon found a lot of places and attractions that I had previously missed seeing. After further visits I discovered there were many attractions that most visitors will not see either or won't realise are there!

Read about my Travel Guide Site

Let me explain why I decided to build a travel guide site about Perthshire.

  1. I love the people and the scenery and I thought that a travel guide site to share that beauty would be a perfect solution. I really wanted to share that experience with other people and let them know what a beautiful place it is.
  2. More importantly, the company I had worked with for the last 12 years, decided to "let me go". OK I was 65, retiring age, but I didn't want to stop working just yet.

Since the UK was beginning to feel the start of the economic downturn my hard earned retirement pot didn't look quite so healthy. 

I decided it was time to take things into my own hands. I felt that I could no longer trust any sort of outside employment to keep me going. I had to do it myself. I had to become my own boss.

Having made the BIG decision to go for it - where do I start? 

Travel Guide Site: Where did I start?

I began by looking for a topic or niche I could base my ideas on, in earnest. I had gained all this knowledge from driving around Scotland, so maybe I could find a way of passing on this knowledge to worldwide potential visitors, and be able to do it from home.

I first thought of writing a book about
touring Scotland, and how it can help people.

That did not work because no publisher will take a chance on a newcomer? So that was a non starter.

Next idea...

Could I go down the self-publishing route.

If you can afford it (the costs can run anywhere from several hundred pounds to £10,000 or more), I would still not be up and running. I would still have to find the time and the means to promote the book!

I don't have that kind of money or time. 

Another dead end!

So I turned to the internet and the World Wide Web.

Millions of people have a Web site or a "blog", unfortunately the majority of them are not found! I should know! I had previously tried building a web site, but after a while found the package was limited in giving me what I wanted. Also it was buried somewhere after page 3 on various search engines.

99% of sites and "blogs" are only getting a trickle of traffic.
They are not acquiring a readership.

Therefore, they can't be of much help to anyone!

Was this going to be another dead end even before it got started! 

How do I know this? There are more than 600 million sites on the Web. If a Web site does not rank in the top ten million, it means that very few people will find it!

I am what is called an "Infroprenuer". An entrepreneur who uses the Web to offer the information a chosen target group is looking for.

My target group, as I have already identified, are tourists taking a vacation in Scotland, specifically the Perthshire Scottish Highlands.

When I started out, I knew nothing about how to "market" my Perthshire tourism knowledge and know-how on the Web ... or anywhere else, for that matter!

Further more, I didn't know how to reach my intended audience ...
until I discovered a proven business marketing model for the Web which I simply adapted to serve my own purpose.

Some eighteen months prior to my retirement I had come across a web hosting site called Site Build It! (SBI) .......
After doing some extensive research on it to see if I was really looking at the "real deal," I took a chance and signed up.

My passion is photography, so this would be a  great asset for a Travel Guide site. Read the story of a photographer named Nick. This was a SBI site that gave me insight into the power of this product. I was sold on it!

SBI caters for all levels from beginners to the more experienced web designers. If you have never built a web site in your life and don't know any HTML code, that's not a problem. You get All the ToolsAll in One Place, All for ONE Low Price.

Still not convinced! Take a look at the following video, it might help you to move 'off the fence' you've been sitting on for some time....

Travel Guide Site: Getting over the HUMP!

The main thing about this product is it is fun, easy and, when I began to see visitors coming to my Perthshire Travel Guide site, interested in what I knew and was saying, I was absolutely thrilled! Once you get over the 'Hump' everything is possible, believe me!

By building this travel guide site, the aim is to share with visitors planning their vacation, all the well-known attractions of Perthshire, but also many of the less well known not normally found in current a travel guide site.

Visiting Highland Perthshire with a tour operator can be expensive and exhausting, especially when you're trying to fit so many attraction visits in and maybe a couple of tours of glens or castles. You're part of a coach tour which has a fixed itinerary, schedules to keep and accommodation which is usually bland and lacks personal attention!

Many of my visitors to the site ask me about ways to save money and get better value when visiting Perthshire, I am currently developing specific  Self Drive Tours - open this example Tour - Dunkeld & Birnam, which provide separate planned guides for your vacation to Perthshire, and let you the visitor compare prices and see what great discounts that are available.

As well as saving money on the major attractions, I sought to provide information on cheaper and even FREE attractions when you visit my Perthshire travel guide site.

Travel Guide Site: Right choice?

In theory, one can publish and acquire a readership on the Web. You have to kept 'mining the Web' for a solution that works best for you.

One day, I found my best solution for growth. I found out how to get the readership I want ... and more! It felt like I had found the proverbial "needle in a hay stack". Honestly! To top it all, the process I found was just the brain food I was looking for!

I now have my own Travel e-business and the readership that exceeds my wildest dreams!

So, Yes - I did make the right choice.

Please Contact me and I will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting this page about my Travel guide site. Please stop by again soon!

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