Visit Doune

Why not visit Doune, this small village in southern Perthhshire, taking a trip back in time?

The bridge on the main road is said to have been built by James VI of Scotland when the ferryman acted up a bit awkward! As you cross the bridge over the river Teith at Doune, little attention is paid to the bridge itself - your attention tends to be drawn to the view of the castle downstream from the bridge. There is a story to this particular bridge - the king's tailor arrived at the bridge without money for the ferryman and was therefor unable to cross. As revenge on the ferryman he built the bridge to put the ferryman out of a job!

At Deanston, an outlying hamlet close to Doune, came into being in 1785 as a planned village providing accommodation for the workers at the newly built Adelphi Cotton Spinning Mill. There are still remains of the watercourse - a lade - which once supplied power to the mill which provided employment to well over 1000 workers, adults and children. Some of the cottages once occupied by the weavers still exist close by. The spinning and weaving business has now gone but the building has been put to good use as the Deanston Distillery (1965).

Other things to do.....

  • Take a look around Doune Castle
  • Cross the old bridge and de-cipher the carved stone plaque at the centre
  • Visit Doune Ponds - a wildlife sanctuary
  • The Clock Tower on Teith Road
  • Doune was once famous for the manufacture of Scottish pistols, the trade having been introduced by Thomas Caddell in the 17th century.
  • See the Red Kites feeding at Agarty Red Kites Centre located on a side road north of the Doune - Dunblane road.
  • Visit the Blair-Drummond safari park between Doune and Stirling. A visit to the park combines a mixture of driving through animal reserves then parking and walking through pets farm, playing in one of the many adventure areas, taking in the sea lion and falconry displays and visiting chimp island. There are many picnic and BBQ areas around the park as well as restaurant and bar facilities.
  • Saac - The Scottish Antique Arts Centre - Open All Year Round The Scottish Antique & Arts Centre by Doune offers a shopping experience which inspires and delights for all tastes, budget interests. Our unrivalled selection of antiques & collectables provide the perfect counterfoil to a constantly evolving range of gifts homewares. A stimulating, imaginative & cost effective day out. Free Parking.

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