Best time to visit Perthshire

When is the best time to visit Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands?

The answer to this question depends on a number of issues. First of all you may want to consider the climate, so have a look at the weather page. Of course the weather isn't everything when on vacation. The best time to visit Perthshire will depend on what you want to see and do.

Each area in Scotland has its own programme of events covering culture, music sports, arts etc throughout the year. So there is sure to be something that interests you whenever you visit. I have added list of events as part of the Tour itineraries. There are also Local Tourist Offices throughout the country, so pop in when you're here and check out current events.

So when is the best time to visit Scotland? Well of course the answer is ANYTIME!

Visit Perthshire: ALL YEAR

Spring  Summer   Autumn  Winter  

If you love the scenery, then each season has its own beauty, but I can assure you that the colours in autumn (fall) in Scotland are as glorious as they are in New England.

However, if you are keen to experience castles and palaces and history, visiting Art Galleries; or spending time in the many shops finding out the difference between tartan and plaid, then visit Perthshire outlets any time. I call this 'Wet Day' activities. Each of my Self Drive Tours lists those associated with the areas represented.

Many sports can be enjoyed all year, such as cycling, hill walking, mountain climbing, and of course indoor or outdoor bowls and curling and water sports.

Visit Perthshire: SPRING

By late March climbing honeysuckle is beginning to break into leaf and dog's mercury is greening the floor of older woods. Ospreys return from their winter migration in West Africa in the last week of March and lay eggs about a month later - watch them from the hide at Loch of the Lowes, near Dunkeld.

In early April the cascades of white blossom appears in hedgerows and woodland edges as the Blackthorn bursts into flower before leaves appear. Bats end their hibernation and can be seen flying at dusk in woodland clearings or over watery places like Faskally Forest. The dawn chorus reaches a crescendo this month with noisy rooks nest in the treetop colonies as they feed their young. Sunny days bring down a cascade of conifer seeds from opening cones in forests. By late April, wood anemones, lesser celandine and violets brighten the ground in Perthshire deciduous woodlands

Early May arrives with woodpecker broods demanding to be fed, their noise can be heard coming from trees holes. Look out for the nursery dreys of red squirrels. Their huge balls of sticks wedged in the fork of a tree house litters of young are born this month. Deciduous trees burst into leaf, starting with birch and willow followed by oak, ash and alder.
Country lore says, "If the oak is out before the ash, we're in for a splash; if the ash is out before the oak, we're in for a soak". The warm evenings in May, bring out badger cubs from woodland setts and woodcock fly over their territories making a curious croaking noise. Bluebells are at their best in these early days of May. By the end of the month new tree seedlings have emerged in woodland glades wherever light hits the forest floor.
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Visit Perthshire: SUMMER

If you want to come to see Highland Games with the Dancing Competitions, the famous Athletic Events and especially Tossing the Caber or watching the bands play in the Music Competitions, then summer is best time to visit.

The same can be said if you are keen to watch or participate in Golf Tournaments at one of the many courses at Gleneagles. Most of the towns in Perthshire have 9 & 18 hole courses open to visitors at very reasonable 'green fees'. 

Loch Dunmore

Paying a visit to the Edinburgh Festival in August might have great appeal for you, and if you are in Scotland at the end of August/beginning of September, then a visit to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo will be fabulous. Be warned, you need to book months in advance.
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Visit Perthshire: AUTUMN

As summer slowly starts to shut down and the leaves start to darken to golden hues, autumn is truly here and a great time to visit Perthshire. This magical time of the year brings out the beauty of the Perthshire scenery and also brings some fantastic celebrations for you to take part in. I encourage you to come and stay for a few nights in the area while exploring Highland Perthshire by day, and enjoying the Pitlochry Autumn Festival, centred around Loch Dunmore in Faskally Woods, the Enchanted Forest and Perthshire Amber, by night.

Rannoch East

Some of the other best sites include the Pass of Killiecrankie with its mixed woodland and abundant wildlife, the wonderful Meikleour Beech Hedge close to Blairgowrie (the tallest hedge in the world), the Birks of Aberfeldy, Kinnoull Hill and Moncreiffe Hill by Perth, Lady Mary's Walk at Crieff and the larch covered hills around Dunkeld and Birnam.

Where better to escape for an autumn break or day out than Perthshire where the seasonal spectacle of changing autumn colours has captivated visitors for many years. Active outdoor recreation, rural relaxation or retail therapy - the choice is yours.
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Visit Perthshire: WINTER

However, it might be that you want to experience a Scottish Christmas or a New Year. There's the traditional Flambeaux Procession in the village of Comrie on December 31. Held each year, the ancient tradition is said to ward off any evil spirits from the village and offers an unforgettable night and a Scottish New Year experience with a difference. 

Looking north to Perthshire Scottish Highlands

This is an experience not to be missed. Hotels put on special deals and there is nothing nicer than sitting round a roaring log fire, (with a whisky in your hand, or if you don't drink, a steaming mug of hot chocolate), when there's snow on the ground outside. Every community has it's own celebrations and wherever you are you will hear the bells ring, fireworks going off and people celebrating the end of one year and beginning of the new, to the sound of Auld Lang Syne.

You may be a lover of Burns' Poetry and want to be here for the Burns' Supper on 25th January. To see the men in their kilts and the haggis being brought in ceremoniously to the sound of the bagpipes, and the reciting of Burns' poems, such as 'Address To a Haggis' will stir your heart if you have any affinity to Scotland.

Another winter experience for some is going to football (soccer) matches. This is a very, very popular sport in Scotland and the 'season' starts in August until around end of April.

Scotland has a short season for those who like skiing. But if you want to combine it with that Christmas, New Year or Burns' Supper experience, then that's a great time to come.
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