Visit Coupar Angus

Visit Coupar Angus, a market town in east Perthshire.

Once known as the 'Queen of Strathmore' at the height of its success reflecting both it’s thriving economy and the quality of its architecture and setting.

The town and parish are partly in Forfarshire, situated at a crossroads on the south bank of the River Isla in the centre of the fertile valley of Strathmore.

The remains of a Roman camp lie at Lintrose, south of Coupar Angus and a Cistercian Abbey, of which only part of the gateway survives, was founded here by King Malcolm c.1164.

A stream that divides the town in two was formerly the boundary between Perthshire and Angus, the older part of the town being in the Angus portion giving rise to the name Coupar Angus.

The Steeple, or Tolbooth tower, was built by public subscription in 1762 and completed in 1769. The Steeple was to serve as a gaol on the ground floor and as a meeting house for local courts on the upper floors.

The town was revitalised in the 19th Century as a market town, manufacturing centre and communication hub following the creation of the turnpike roads and the arrival of the railway. Interesting buildings from that period include a toll house, tannery, weaving mill, maltings and station. Modern industries include printing and the manufacture of food products, agricultural chemicals and farm machinery.

There are recreational facilities in the Larghan Victory Park.

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