Visit Menteith

Visit Menteith the small hamlet and the Port of Menteith at the east end of the Lake of Menteith.

At the heart of the hamlet near the lake is the old parish church, built in 1878 to designs by John Honeyman on a site of earlier churches with medieval connections. The church has a simple rectangular plan, Gothic style, with square tower containing carillon of eight bells.

A popular hotel and restaurant - the Lake Hotel - stands next to the lake close to the old church.

A ferry trip from the pier near the church takes you to the island named Inchmaholm where you may visit the remains of a 13th century priory where once Mary Queen of Scots was hidden.

The Lake contains coarse fish, including pike, said to be the relics of the monks who lived on Inchmaholme. There have been many tales over the decades concerning their fishing methods. They would catch a swan, attach a small live perch with fishing hooks on it and at the end of a longish line to one of its feet and let it loose on the water. The struggling perch far behind the swan to which it was attached would be an irresistible lure for pike. The ensuing contest between the bird and the fish would cause great excitement as, if the pike was not to large, the swan would fly away with its 'catch'. If the pike was a big one, however, it held the swan captive on the lake and the monks would row out, captured the unhappy swan and eat it for Friday dinner.

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