Visit Muthill

Visit Muthill, the small conservation village. It lies not far from the town of Crieff.

Here you'll discover one of Perthshire's most unexpected jewels. The wonderful Drummond Castle and Gardens. These are the beautiful gardens featured in the Hollywood Blockbuster, Rob Roy, starring Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange. There may be no stars on your visit but I promise that the sun will feature - even if it is only in the shape of the historic sundial.

Don't miss a visit to Muthill museum. It is located close to Sundial Cottage, next door to the Old Parish church. The museum gives visitors an insight into the way this community used to be and has developed into the modern age. The collection houses a range of traditional pieces of art and craft that have been passed through generations as well as many photographs and maps that chart the expansion of the area.

Nearby is the old Tullibardine Chapel worth a visit. One of the most complete and unaltered small medieval churches in Scotland, founded in 1446 and largely rebuilt about 1500. Much architectural detail has survived. Literature lovers will love the unique Inverpeffray Library just to the east. This library is the oldest surviving public library in Scotland.

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