Visit St Fillans

When you visit St Fillans an intersting place to go is an island in Loch Earn just beside the village. It is in fact manmade (a crannog), also know as McNeish Island or Loch Earn Castle. There would appear to have been many occupants of this crannog dating back to Picktish times where it was a fort and before that it is thought that in pre-historic times there were clans of water born lake dwellers. It is also said that a branch of the McNeish clan lived on the island and made sure that only McNeish boats were allowed on the Loch.

Visit the natural rock immediately to the east of St. Fillans known as crocodile rock" which is painted bright colours and is worth a visit if you have young children.The countryside around the village is more gentle than other places in the Trossachs National Park, but none the less it is stunning. Visitors can enjoy various activities as there are a huge number of tracks and paths for walkers and cyclists in the general area. Also there is a Golf course and being on the shores of Loch Earn there are of course all the water borne activities one would expect such as, fishing (the loch is stocked regularly with brown and rainbow trout, permits can be bought locally) sailing, kayaking and more.

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