Visit Tummel Bridge

When you visit Tummel Bridge, above the head of the loch, there are actually two bridges. The ancient bridge built by General Wade in 1730, now has a less hump-backed successor alongside, to carry the A846 road from Aberfeldy

There are few settlements on the southern shore of the loch, but at its west end is the small hamlet of Foss, where there is an attractive church within an ancient graveyard, burial-place of various old Stewart and Menzies families. Take a look at the tiny old ruined church.

East of the bridges is Dunalastair. This was the name of the original estate, formerly the seat of the Struan Robertsons, Chiefs of Clan Donnachaidh, or Duncan, descended from the Celtic Mormaers of Atholl. Much excitement has occurred here. Of all the clans, the Robertsons of Struan were amongst the most loyal to the Stewarts.

The north road along the loch is dotted with the sites of duns, forts and cairn circles. At the east end opens the attractive, fertile, cul-de-sac valley of Glen Fincastle, with a little church under a high-set dun, called Caisteal Dubh, at its mouth. Fincastle House, a 17th century seat of a branch of the Stewarts, with links to the 1745 rebellion, sits high to the north. At the head of the glen, footpaths lead off in numerous directions, including to the standing stones of Clachan Aoraidh in the Allean Forest.

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