Family Research Tool
The Internet

The Internet as a family research tool where made for each other. Researching your family tree used to be difficult, costly and time consuming. With the internet , it is now possible to make leaps and bounds discovering your family's past without ever leaving your home! There are numerous genealogy sites out there in cyber space that have helped me in gathering information for my family tree. There are a number which are absolutely FREE. But - not every piece of information cane be found online, so I do recommend, where possible, visiting archive centres to get those extra vital details. Better still why not take advantage of my one hour research at no cost - Yes that's right - FREE, to get you up and running. Alternatively, why not commission me to explore for your ancestors in more depth. See details for Prices and Package further on.

I have been researching my family history for many years and have found many hundreds of people going back as far as the 15th century. I find it fascinating discovering the interesting and varied lives they had, I have unearthed, from aristocrats, to scoundrels and paupers. I am hugely proud of them all.

The whole process of researching into any family's past has made me appreciate and value history so much more. After all, I wouldn't be here today without them! The internet has become very much a part of our daily lives especially as a family research tool. I hope you have found this family history website useful. I would love to hear from you and maybe assist you in finding your family ancestors.

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