One of Perthshire's hidden gems

by Mike
(Comrie, Perthhsire)

If you could express your overall impression of this restaurant in a single word or sentence, What would it be?
Excellent food with great service

When did you visit this restaurant? 31st Octaber 2011

What is your overall rating, 1-5:4






Write your review here: I had two wonderful surprises on Monday 31st October. The first was over breakfast when my dear wife asked me if I would like to go to Delivino's Wine Cafe for my birthday lunch. She knows how much I like Italian food. I hadn't been to this establishment before, although I have lived in the area for the last 14 years. The second surprise was the excellent food and service we received. I tried the Deli Platter which included three(3) antipasti selections from a dozen or more, served up on a olive wooden board, together with a glass of house wine, all for £11. What fantastic value! This was followed with a slice of delicious chocolate cake and a Latte. Thank you to all the staff for a memorable first visit to your deli.

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